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The work of french photographer Joséphine Löchen is intimate and sober. Her carefully composed images with soft tones and textures have already left footprints in the world of art and fashion. Educated at Gobelins - Ecole de l'Image de Paris, Joséphine started to work in the fashion industry before moving north to Copenhagen where she is now based.






Stephanie Loa Flindt


Benjamin Muasya




Selected clients :


Stella Mc Cartney, Saks Potts, Ganni, American Vogue, Mr Larkin, New-York Times Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Dapper Dan Magazine



Maison Européenne de la Photographie - 2015, Paris, France

Galerie Perrotin - Art Is Hope - 2016, Paris, France

Avlskarl Gallery - Because We Are Only Humans - 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark




Publications : Soft-Copy, New Magazine, Atelier A Journal.